Coaban : The brand

Jean-Pierre PetitimbertThe brand was founded in 2003 by Jean Pierre PETIT IMBERT, a man who loves women and watches them in their daily life.

 The label’s originality comes from this simple fact:  Women love handbags and they switch them often. As a result, they forgot also their belongings inside their numerous bags. The idea was to provide an element that can switch from one bag to another  and the Bag in bag was born.

Now the range has greatly expanded with all kinds of hand, shoulder, tote and shopping bags, becoming an authentic generic label.

 The Manager keeps  a close watch over every step of the process, relying on both technical and artistic skills to design very colorful models  ( Many  reference are available in  6  to 20 colors) that are light weight in smooth  satiny nylon, are easy to live with, and ultra- functional .

Color is essential and quality manufacturing is even more so.